[NL2-NL10] nl20 sh losing value

    • aanty2000
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      Titan No-Limit Hold'em, $0.10/$0.20BB (Titan HH Converter by Kreatief)

      SB ($23.10) (Hero)
      BB ($51.15)
      MP2 ($22.12)
      MP3 ($19.15)
      CO ($21.98)
      Button ($13.94)

      Preflop: Hero is SB with J:spade: , A:club:
      1 folds, MP3 calls $0.20, 1 folds, Button calls $0.20, Hero raises to $1.20, 1 folds, MP3 calls $1.10, Button calls $1.10,

      Flop: 3:club: , 5:heart: , J:heart: ( $4.1 )
      Hero bets $3.60, MP3 calls $3.60, 1 folds

      Turn: 8:heart: ( $11.3 )
      Hero checks, MP3 checks,

      River: 2:diamond: ( $11.3 )
      Hero checks, MP3 checks,

      Final Pot: $10.74

      opponent limp called many hands like 10 10 kq kj

      am i losing value not beting here ?
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    • Cojack123
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      I assume he is passive because limping
      (and Titan nl20) ;)

      Bet fold is better.
      7$ looks good

      if he calls i check the river and fold to a big bet.
    • Thorsten77
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      Against passiv opponent bet/fold turn is fine. As played, I'd make a small value bet on the river.
    • DoigteurFou
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      I would bet the turn since your still have the tptk, and the implied odds for overcards will be too bad for calling. If you get called or reraised, then check/fold mode.

      Allways better to bet with good made hands to get value when your opponents don't show strengh, and if you don't feel a slowplay.