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Recently Quit My Job, looks like not the best time to find another one so I will have some time on my hand on the upcoming month. I’m looking for a couple of people to stake me on FULLTILT. I must say I am not a very familiar with graphs and things like that but when I check on sharkscope I am up lol and I think I’m a fairly good player (but we all say that) anyway if someone can check my stats somehow and let me know.
The games I like playing and do quite well are MTT 24+2 average fields of 1000 sometimes the 30+3 if rebuys I never rebuy or add on its always one shot. With what I remember is that one in ten I get on the money with a bit of luck hope we hit a big win. Percentage wise 50/50 on all stages I think it’s fair. end of month we share what’s on Bankroll after you get your stake back ofcurs. if a success..earlier
I need a bankroll of at least 20 buyins to give it a fair shot. But if you want to do it on entry bases one off shot we could do it like that.

My Game: I only play one or 2 MTT at a time but now I have time so I can play a few more if the first fails and get out to quickly. I don’t think I have a set play as loose aggressive or tight I play as it comes along trying to read a hand make a move etc…
Any questions ask as I’m not very familiar with how this thing works.
Ideally would be a couple of people staking. Open to suggestions.