in which room deposit my 50$?

    • akadagan
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      hey everybody..
      first of all.....i have never played poker on the internet on real money...
      i dont know in which room to deposit my 50$..
      my options are partypoker, william hill, cake poker..

      there is also the option of fulltilt but i already have a user there..
      but never deposit any money there..actually i opened this user yesterday...
      unfortunately i have the same name user on fulltilt and in this website..

      so i cant deposit it in fulltilt..right?..

      i prefer fulltilt but if i can't..
      which room of those above u think is the best?..
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    • EagleStar88
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      Hi akadagan,

      No, I'm afraid you cannot set up an account where you have already played and cannot use any existing account. It needs to be a poker room where you haven't played before and you must follow the PokerStrategy download instructions carefully to ensure that your account is fully tracked.

      In terms of choice, this is difficult as all PokerStrategy partner rooms offer a player something slightly different and each has a large following from members for different reasons.

      Partypoker is the biggest network of the 3 you mention, so there will be more traffic (players) online at anytime, making it easier to find a game to play.

      William Hill & Cake however probably provide a fishier player pool which can also be extremely profitiable.

      Other members will no doubt give you some ideas on their own preferences or alternatively take a quick look around the forum area for each room, this will give you some idea of what to expect from each ;)

      Sometimes it's best to just try 1 and see how you get on, you can always switch your bankroll later on, after clearing the starting capital and any relevent bonus of course.

      Good luck & let us know how you get on.

      Best regards,

    • belayd
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      I have been a Party Poker player and I disagree that Party has the most traffic at cash tables. It has great tournament traffic, but in the evenings ET the microstakes cash tables die. This is because of a heavily European player base; when it's evening ET most Party players are sleeping.

      I'm playing William Hill now and WH has good microstakes cash table traffic 24 hours a day. Most players there are tight passive with some loose aggressive and the occasional nit and maniac. If you play sound BSS at William Hill you should make money. On Party the average player is on the borderline between tight and loose but almost always aggressive and there are many microstakes "regulars" who range between 4bb/100 and -4bb/100 over the long term--who can be tough for a beginner to beat.

      I'd heartily recommend William Hill, although iPoker Network email support leaves a lot to be desired.