Strat Point Question and Cake First Impressions

    • Tontor
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      So first of all, I don't quite understand what is meant by $1 rake = 3 strat points. Does that mean my share of the $1 raked? So for every dollar of actual
      rake on the table it counts as $0.16667 of rake I generate? I have around 130 FPP right now so Im just curious what kind of numbers in strat points that'll look like?

      First impressions of Cake is quite good actually, its only been like 36 hours since I played my first hand, but I've already cashed $5 of my on site bonus and I hit the TURBO GOLD STACKER :f_biggrin: bonus so I have 4 gold chips. I've been running pretty hot on the site so I've grinded my $50 up to about $80 in what feels like no time.

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    • HannesZ
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      Hey Josh,

      What is rake?
      The rake or "chop" is the house's cut of each and every pot. The raked amount is subject to certain conditions. In general, a rake of 5% of the pot is taken, as long as the pot has exceeded a predetermined size.

      Example on Cake Poker:
      6 players got cards. They built a big pot and a total of $3 rake is taken. Every player has now generated $0.5. You would get 1.5 StrategyPoints.

      FPPs on Cake
      For every $ rake on Cake Poker you will get 0.5 FPP. So in this example above you would have got 1.5 FPP (total rake counts).

      I hope this information is of help.

      Good luck on the tables