[NL2-NL10] NL2 K2o BB

    • MikeF
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      yakida (UTG): $2.07
      tuaner (UTG+1): $4.92
      FEEDTheMACHINE (CO): $1.08
      GARDDOG (Button): $.68
      nicemorning (SB): $2.20
      HERO (BB): $2

      Dealt to HERO K:club: 2:diamond:

      (3 folds), GARDDOG calls $.02, nicemorning calls $.01, HERO checks

      Flop: ($.06) 2:heart: K:diamond: 8:spade: (3 Players)
      nicemorning checks, HERO bets $.06, GARDDOG raises to $.12, (1 folds), HERO raises to $.38, GARDDOG raises to $.66 and is all-in, HERO calls $.28

      Turn: ($1.38) 9:spade: (2 Players)

      River: ($1.38) Q:diamond: (2 Players)

      villain is: VPIP 40 / PFR 8.7 / 3Bet 0 / WTSD 42.42 over 90 hands...
      don't like my play here afterwards because what hands should he be raising all in except AA / AK which don't have me beat, and with those he probably wouldn't limp preflop
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    • RMB
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      Its a limped pot. I think this kind of situation depends on how you view your opponent, if he stacks off lightly w/ top pair or weaker.

      Assuming that he is gonna be raising AA,kk and ak pf we could remove those from his range.

      I think he can easily do this w/ Kj,kq,kt,k9,k8. And he can sets here aswell, but you have the 2 blocker.

      Your ahead most of his range

      And hes a shortstacks so id be shippin it anyway.
    • veriz
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      Hello MikeF,

      What else to do against his stack. :) I don't mind going broke there are at all. If he had like full stack then I would be more often inclined to play it differently.

      Best regards.