Best book sng?

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    • maikii23
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      Imo "Sit 'N Go Strategy" by Collin Moshman, however maybe there are others as well, just this is the only one I have read so far. I can give 4/5 stars for it. Its easy understandable for novice and include a lot of usefull info for STT. I didn't give 5 stars, cos this book is a bit old (2007. year), so strategy might not work so well in nowadays.
    • antstruk
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      Secrets of sit n gos. Phil shaw $30cad , it's just SUCH a good book. On the cover it says "don't play another sng until you read this" I tottally agree. Buy it even if your playing the $1 it's still worth it, its pretty much every sng article on this site plus some cool stuff like quizzes and a blueprint on how to turn $200 into $100k