[NL2-NL10] AJ suited on CO - How to protect the hand post flop?

    • abundance211
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      $.10-$.10 No Limit HE (Real) 10 players. Players unknown

      UTG: ($.85 in chips)
      UTG+1: ($1.90 in chips)
      UTG+ 2: ($15.10 in chips)
      MP1: ($2.90 in chips)
      MP2: ($31.65 in chips)
      MP3: ($17.55 in chips)
      Hero CO: ($2 in chips)
      BU: ($12 in chips)
      SB: ($6.60 in chips) Post Blind ($.05)
      BB: ($3.40 in chips) Post Blind ($.10)

      *** Pre-Flop *** :
      4 folds, MP2 calls ($.10), 1 fold, Hero CO bets ($.50), BU and the Blinds fold, MP2 calls ($.40)

      *** Flop *** : 10 :club: A :heart: K :club: (Pot $1.15, 2 players)

      MP2: Check
      Hero: Bet ($.80)
      MP2: Call ($.80)

      *** Turn *** : [10 :club: A :heart: K :club: ] 6 :spade: (Pot $2.75)

      MP2: Check
      Hero: Bet ($.70) and is All In

      *** River *** : [ 10 :club: A :heart: K :club: ] K :spade:

      Dealt to Hero: A :spade: J :spade:
      Dealt to MP2: K :diamond: 8 :club:

      MP2 was underdog all the way and hit his third K on the river.

      1. Did I have any way to protect my hand? Should I go all in post flop instead of calling 2/3 of the pot? Note that there was a possible flush draw and a straight draw.

      2. I know for sure that MP2's move (calling my bet) pre flop was wrong. I also think that he was wrong when he payed my bet on the turn. What do you think?
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    • frzl
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      1. push flop :) you are commited anyway so push it for max protection and fold equity

      2. i think you are right and mp2 is a fish :D
    • Utahmar
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      You can push the flop 1.5 remain stack, to 1.15 pot. But this is also good. Reload next hand.
    • abundance211
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      Thanks to both of you guys for responding to all the hands I posted today.

      Good luck at the tables.
    • xylere
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      As Utahmar correctly mentioned you can push when your stack:pot ratio is <=1.5:1.


      - drawy board
      - to cover your cbets (not very important on this limit)

      bet 2/3:

      - against some types of opponents (agressive) it is feasible to make a normal 2/3 bet to induce re-raise. but ! you need stats to make this move precise... on the lower limits I was pushing in 95% of the time in such situations.

      And yeah, your opponent made -EV move both on flop and pre-flop, meaning that he will lose money on the distance.