At last!

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      Wow its been a while again since I last posted.
      Last time I was grinding out 12 tables at the same time for a fair amount of hours each day but I didn't really run/play that good, had real life issues going on and I kinda took a break from poker.
      Like 2 weeks ago I descided to grind out tournaments ago and suddenly something clicked. I got a way better feel about tournaments, stacksizes, position, ...

      Since then I cashed a good amount of times (playing up to $5 tournaments with my small roll) but never anything really big.
      Like 3 days ago I managed to win a $3 turbo MTT for around $350 I think. I played a rebuy afterwards, ran like crap during the rebuy period and didn't manage to cash so a big part was already gone.

      Last night when I was getting ready for bed I noticed a $5 knockout tournament starting, and I figured I might aswell play it since I wasnt tired.
      Well... I managed to win it! My first 4-figure cash, well not really 4 figure, it was $944. But with a few knockouts here and there I look at it as a $1k cash :)

      So yup, I'm happy about that, happy about my tournament game lately, life is good, everything is nice ;)

      GL at the tables
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