• DevilDonk
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      I have some wierd things happening to me on titan. I keep getting somekind of bonuses, i am not complaining but i am just amazed as i have played in many poker rooms and have not came across of this policy.

      I withdraw my money from titan and just for fun open the site about 2 months later and what do i find, 50€ bonus on my account. Than play for a month, get to 200€ and withdraw the money. Than the situation repeats itself. So just yesterday i open it up again after a long time and there is 71€ bonus waiting for me on my account plus this one is not points restricted what means i can withdraw it imediatelly. So wierd, than i go and ask support about it and the guy cant explain to me why i got the bonus. Any ideas?
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    • hampstar
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      maybe you played enough to win money from the rake race.
    • DevilDonk
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      Maybe, i play HU so there is plenty of rake there.
    • IngridN
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      Hi DevilDonk,

      Pretty awesome I would say.

      But, as you are not tracked through with your Titan Poker account I am really unable to see what could be the cause of the bonus shower you're receiving =)

      However, it is most likely different promotions, rake race etc...

      Best to contact the poker room and ask again, they might figured out the answer for giving out bonuses to their players :f_biggrin:

      Good luck!
    • Midazolam
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      Hey DevilDonk,

      this is not unusual at Titan. You get sometimes a cashbonus if you have withdrew your money and have not played there for a while. They want that you come back, so they give money to you if you were a high volume player before leaving Titan.

      Best regards