Loving your site!

    • paula7777
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      Hi All,

      What a fantastic site! I thought I new a bit about poker but after failing your quiz three times I realized I must play like a 3 legged 1 eyed donkey lol!

      So I have been reading your strategies and boy have I learnt loads just in a couple of days!

      I have played live and online both for over 5 years and tend to get bored in large MTTs and I am playing in large buyin tournaments $200 which are too big for my bankroll!

      So after passing the quiz I have signed up to William Hill as I enjoy the ipoker platform and am going to start afresh I have a new player name and saved the starting hands strategy as my screensaver.

      This site has given me a new vigour for poker looking forward to using what I am learning daily from the site

      Thanks for all the information

      Paula :D :heart:
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    • IngridN
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      We are all laughing Paula =) (on the donkey note)

      Big welcome to our community!

      Congratulations on passing the quiz and I hope you'll enjoy playing at William Hill!

      Please don't be shy to share your thought with the other members who play at William Hill.

      I am thrilled to follow you on the forum