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[Application] Bankroll Needed for Crushing Micro's

    • PsychWin
      Joined: 14.03.2011 Posts: 9
      I have read and accepted the staking rules. By posting in this thread, every member acknowledges the same.

      Hey Guys, I am PsychWin > Been playing poker for a long time now, but switched to SnG's and MTT's a while ago ! Built up a nice bankroll Crushing the 1.2$ 6 Max on Stars and been doing fairly well in those and been having many decent runs in MTT's and am due for a ship... Ran Very deep in many but 2 outers just fuck me everytime ! So here It is --
      I needed to cashout the money for personal reasons and need a backer who understands me and I can crush enough for him !

      I need a bankroll to crush MTT's upto the 3.3$ - 5.5$ Mark on and 1.2$ 6 Max SnG's ! Varience in MTT's is sick so SnG's gonna make up for it. I can easily 9 table them and use pokertracker.. any1 looking for a sweat session let me know. Any bankroll you feel like giving me a chance with and showing you my potential ! I can play primarily SnG's / MTT's aswell but like to mix em' up. SnG's to cover up the Varience and MTT's for the Big $$$$ ! Well I do have all the knowledge needed, read a lot of books and Forums So here is the chance for me to prove myself and earn you all $$$ ! I can tell you one thing, I wont bring a loss and I wont disappoint you ! give me a chance, its gonna be worth it !

      Also Added that the Big GTD's on stars with small micro buy in are good but then you have to run hot like a prick and need your KK to be held against his 55 everytime but Pokerstars just screws up so basically I am for 500-1000ish people in which it is yet possible to achieve the 1st prize. Recent finish in PL Holdem MTT was 13/840ish.

      P.S. - Wont mind showing my game with micro mtt's yet and can play to 3.3s till i ship some to move to 5.5s, dont mind that too.. Also I like 1$ rebuys. - Just 1r + 1a :D

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    • PsychWin
      Joined: 14.03.2011 Posts: 9
      FeedBack for PsychWin

      Feedback link ! Sorry dint read rules first. ! thanks
    • luizsilveira
      Joined: 27.11.2010 Posts: 2,320
      How much do you need for a BR?

      Screen names on all sites?

      Graphs from poker tracker?

    • PsychWin
      Joined: 14.03.2011 Posts: 9
      Hi luiz,
      I would like to tell you that my PokerTracker wont open from the past 2 days and as soon as I open it, It says that the application has stopped working > close the application or find a solution online. It was just 7 days old PT3 and my main game is 1.2$ 6 Max whereas in PT3 graph includes MTT's, 45s, 180s, 9s and 18s > many SnG's in which Im not good and just played em to try it out and in a way lost my BR. > most of It.

      Screen Name : PsychWin (pokerstars) and PsychWin (FTP)

      BR Needed : 50$ for 1.2$ SnG's and MTT's upto 3.3$
      80$ for 1.2$ SnG's and MTT's upto 5.5$
      18$ for 1.2$ SnG's Only
      33$ for MTTs Upto 2.2$ Only
      44$ for MTT's upto 3.3$ Only
      66$ for MTT's upto 5.5$ Only

      You can choose any one of the above to give me a chance with to show u my potential !
    • johny8984
      Joined: 07.08.2009 Posts: 62

      are you sure that your able to beat sng's its just that your username you supplied for pokerstars shows that you aint beat these limits thus far.

      my recomendation is that you spend some time reading the forums and strategy articals watch every video avalible to you several times then keep studying some more then you will beat these games fairly quickly and move up

      the reason i tell you this is that i went threw the same patch ive read re read al the articals and on my graph you can see that at game 550 i moved to husng's studied and the graph speaks for itsself these forums are extreamly good dont be put of by me, im not trying to be negative infact if you wanna play husng i will help you to beat them at no cost other than that read everything from phzhon the coach watch his vids they will help you for 6man or 9 man sng's (make sure you understand and know icm to a good level for your endgame) and if you have any questions at all just post them in the forums there is a ton of knowledge with players in these forums

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