[Application] Couching and staking.

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      I have read and accepted the staking rules. By posting in this thread, every member acknowledges the same
      My name is Emeric and i play poker for 4 years now, i mostly play life cuz of the read power and because i believe that bad beats are in lower %. I mostly play cash at the casino but i also play in a poker League, The Nuts, in Uk. I overcame the locals and regionals and i qualified at the nationals that is on 14 May.
      Online i played mostly on Poker Stars but i haven't play full time, just 1-2 h towday, 1 hour after 2 days etc, but i had some winnings of a couple hundreds of $ but i cash them out cuz of personal problems.
      Where i am going with this is that i would be gratefull if someone can offer their knowladge and train me because i know that i still have things to learn about online poker and if they can help me stak, just starting from micro,sit&go or cash for the begining, until i make a good bankroll that allows me to play MTT.
      Thank you
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