[Application] Rush Poker "new Player"

    • wasteland
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      Hi everyone,

      I'm looking for staker at limit 0.02/0.05 Rush FR.
      Have already found 1 player j0hny22 which stake me for 20$ but i worry that it's not big enough BRM. So i'm looking for 2 more staker to get a healthy bankroll. :(

      I play poker for 4 years but that's my first trully shot to be a real poker player who play poker not just for fun but to get deep in game a make money from it.
      My plan is to play exactly by PS articles (first time since i'm here :f_biggrin: ). Build some BRM for myself and get to the game.

      75/25 for staker (bonuses, rakeback included)

      If you're intrested it would be great if you contact me :f_love:

      Patrik AKA wasteland :f_p:
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