[NL2-NL10] NL5 85s in SB

    • ppedrin
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      $0.02/$0.05 No Limit Holdem
      8 Players
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      UTG mclane8202 ($4.51)
      UTG+1 BICICLO1 ($3.33)
      MP1 CGJHSI ($2.49)
      MP2 Wardo420 ($5)
      CO SjebD ($2.01)
      BTN IBaberI ($5)
      SB pedrin ($5.12)
      BB Jason Duran ($7.06)

      Pre-Flop: ($0.07, 8 players) pedrin is SB 8:heart: 5:heart:
      mclane8202 calls $0.05, BICICLO1 calls $0.05, 4 folds, pedrin calls $0.03, Jason Duran checks

      Flop: 8:spade: 2:diamond: 5:diamond: ($0.20, 4 players)
      pedrin bets $0.16, 1 fold, mclane8202 raises to $0.45, BICICLO1 calls $0.45, pedrin calls $0.29

      Turn: 4:club: ($1.55, 3 players)
      pedrin checks, mclane8202 checks, BICICLO1 checks

      River: A:club: ($1.55, 3 players)
      pedrin bets $1, mclane8202 folds, BICICLO1 folds

      Final Pot: $2.55

      pedrin wins $2.45 (net +$0.95)

      Jason Duran lost $0.05
      mclane8202 lost $0.50
      BICICLO1 lost $0.50

      How should I play this hand?

      Was better to slow play on the flop?On the turn I'm preety sure that I needed to bet.

      Thank you in advance!
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    • veriz
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      Hello ppedrin,

      Preflop: Fold it preflop. :)

      As played
      Flop: I might even consider betting pot here, but as played and we get raised, I guess I would be as well more often inclined to just Call and reevaluate his further actions.
      Turn: I guess likely just Checking shouldn't be wrong, since with betting we might protect from draws but as well few draws completed, what would be your action if he raises you? Therefore I wouldn't say that Checking is like very wrong here but definitely betting is as well considerable to bet it for free showdown and as well for protection.
      River: I guess there aren't that many worse hands what Call your huge bet here anyways. any 3x even gives a straight and as well 2pairs are possible, therefore I might even just Check it and see a free showdown.

      Best regards.
    • ppedrin
      Joined: 24.04.2010 Posts: 917
      Hello veriz,

      Thank you very much for your explanations!