$300k again (detailed report of my bustout)

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      I'm playing in the 300k on party, this is my progress so far. (Hopefully it'll help some of you know how NOT to play in tournaments ;) )
      1st level (20-40)
      Played only two hands (small pairs). nothing interesting

      2nd level (30-60)

      57s in the cutoff, 5 limpers or so, I limp. Flop nothing, checks around, I turn an OESD. A guy bets 3/4 pot. I call because I've seen him pay off the river when the obvious draws got there. Good implied odds. I hit, He pays me off, I'm up to 6000 chippies.

      KK on the next hand, I raise, one caller. Flop Qxx with 2 to the flush.Opponent c/c, turn brings 3-flush. check-check, river A. check-check, I win and I'm up to 6860.

      3rd level (50-100)

      I limp 77 in the SB, hit my set. No action, I'm up to 7000.

      55 limped from late position I think 3 to the flop (including BB), called river min-bet with 4 overcards. He has 5 hi \o/. 7400.

      4th level (100-200)

      Missed a flush draw (folded turn to PSB). 6200.

      Stole blinds with AJ, 6500.

      5th level (150-300)

      stack 6820. No cards.

      6th level (200-400)

      Dealt AA UTG+2. I raise 3BB, MP1 re-raises to 3k. fold around, I push. He calls with A :spade: Kd. Flop all spades = / turn+ river blanks, I double to 13,300.

      No cards until the end of the level. We're on break, I have 20BB for the next level, and in the cutoff. Good enough.
      Top 250 make the money, 642 players left now.

      Bleh. I'm in the BB with AQo, 20BB stack. BU min-raises, I call. Flop undercards, I bet 1/2 pot. he calls. Turn A, I push for 1.3 times the pot, he calls with AK. I'm out. better luck last time ;)
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