Few hands

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    • YinYangS
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      I'll just give my comments.

      Hand 1 - I've got no problem with the call. You hit top pair and top kicker so going all in is ok.

      Hand 2 - Push is ok. AJ is a standard push at the button. You just got unlucky someone was actually waiting for some big action.

      Hand 3 - I think you min-bet on flop to extract chips and to make it look like you are weak. So I think that is ok. Check on the turn was ok but I think you should have re-raised directly all-in when he bet because I would have been satisfied with the pot already if it was me.

      Hand 4 - At that level, what are usually the cards would a player limp? They're usually small pockets or monster hands to slow play it or act weak at start. During those situations, when someone limps before me, I change my ranges and make them a bit tighter. You still have 15BBs to survive a few more cycles to wait for good hands so I wouldn't have shoved there if it were me.

      I hope my opinions helped.

      Chow! :f_biggrin:
    • antonss1
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      Thank you very much for your opinion! ;)
    • pogodon
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      my opinion

      HAND 1 - standard

      HAND 2- standard

      hand 3- played very bad, pre flop raise= i like 3 BB from UTG, flop bet= ??? i don't get why you would bet 2BB on the flop with top set MP2 could easily have 77,88,JJ, even QQ,KK why you bet 4k i really don't understand, if it was the big blind or small bind that called pre flop i could maybe understand why you bet so small but to me betting 4k is like giving a free card nearly( thats why he called with K high) then you check/call to lead on the river witch i hate I'm guessing your going to bet any river card, so why not just raise his turn bet i really don't understand the check/call with the 2nd nuts ( basicaly nuts due to pre flop raise, safe to say he doesn't have 78 here) i think defo you needed to raise the turn witch was the biggest mistake in the hand.

      hand 4- I don't like it 15 1/2 BB with 66 in middle position i just don't like it basilcaly because any hand that is going to call you your most likely not going to have beat or dominated. I would of waited.,,

      I'm not a coach and i can't play poker i'm so so so so so bad at it so this is just my opinion