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Training programme.

    • terpesheva
      Joined: 15.02.2009 Posts: 156
      Hello fellow FL players!

      I am wondering if any of the coaches, high-stakes players and pros ever made any special training programmes for themselves.
      I've recently finally got off tilt, had a good overview of my poker progress and came to a conclusion that I seriously need to work on my game: concentration, theory and application of theory.
      I've got all the motivation in the world at the moment (my current job is great at making me want to go pro :f_biggrin:

      I've reduced the number of tables to 2 (FL 0.25/0.5 beaten with 6 tables a session), started recording videos of my sessions with commentaries (set everything up and made my first one today).
      Going to review the videos once or twice, review hands & equity, read articles etc.

      But I still do not have a clearly defined training programme with clearly defined targets =(

      Would anyone be willing to share their trainign programme with me? (if you have any=)

      And any advice regarding training is appreciated!

      Also, has anyone followed the "scripting" advice? If yes, could someone share a good script as well?

      Thanks in advance!
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    • Helipacter
      Joined: 28.07.2010 Posts: 474
      What do you do to review you hands? I know you use the Hand Eval forums (thanks for the help, btw :f_thumbsup: ) but what else do you do? Watch the vids, go over the articles, etc.?

      Also, I'd be really interested to seem some of those videos you've made - do you have any plans for putting them up on Youtube, for example?
    • terpesheva
      Joined: 15.02.2009 Posts: 156
      Well, don't think I'll be sharing the videos cause they're absolute crap at the moment :s_cool:
      Plus, I've reviewed my first recorded session and in many cases I thought "wtf was I thinking of!?" Well, at least I found a few leaks.

      My biggest problem is that I don't review as many hands as I should be, but I generally am trying to have a look at:
      1) Hands marked for review during the game.
      2) Hands that lost a big pot.
      3) Hands that won a big pot.

      My current preflop goal is to play according to extended charts + very small deviations to adjust for opponents (e.g. steal looser from a rock, etc).
      Therefore, I check preflop, check that I complied with the chart or explain why I did not.
      Postflop: found a lot of leaks recently and trying to correct them; sending a hand to equilator to see how my equity would change when opponent's ranges change.
      Re-read articles & standard lines.

      I guess that if I am doing some reviews and finding errors, getting better is only a matter of time =)

      Since you are currently playing micro stakes, my guess would be that your best bet is to make sure you are following a basic system and let the volume of hands beat the variance. Getting out of micros is tough because of all those really bad players.
    • Helipacter
      Joined: 28.07.2010 Posts: 474
      The charts are awesome - I use the silver FR FL chart all the time. (With table-based/opponent-based adjustments too.)

      With regards to my review, at the moment, I go over every "+" & "-" hand I play. The hands I'm unsure of go to the Hand Eval forum.

      I'm mainly looking for three things in review:

      1) Did I get enough value from that winning hand?
      2) With my losing hands: was folding the right line & did I do it at the right time?
      3) Did I play according to Odds & Outs.

      If I take a bad beat, or someone slowplays against me, as long as I've played according to O&O I can sleep at night knowing that I played it correctly. ("Correctly" being relative to my level, of course!)

      I should be hitting Silver this week, so I can't wait to get my teeth into those articles again - then my idea of "correctly" will shift, and I'll have other things to take into account.

      With regards to your videos, get them out! Even the horrible hands, instead of "reviewing" them, change them to "if I could play this hand over again I would..." type things. If you use Youtube, you can make it "invite only", that way you don't have random spazztards leaving you nasty comments.

      Anyway, keep it up, and I hope to see you on the lower stakes soon :f_p: