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Shoot, a fella' could have a pretty good weekend in Vegas with all that stuff.

    • ExMagnusxL
      Joined: 03.04.2010 Posts: 59
      Hey guys, I’ve been mostly lurking here off and on for a bit more than a year now and have finally gotten to the point where I think a blog will be a great help in furthering my game. I am a twenty year old university student (OMG! U2!?) coming up on an extended break as I will not be returning for at least one semester. I’ve been having some commitment issues with my academic studies and it seems like its probably a good idea to take a break from them. I am living on my own and am going to get a job, hopefully no later than mid May, to support myself until then I have a couple courses to finish up and all the free time in the world. My goal is to commit the bulk of this time to poker grinding and studying and then continue to do so in the hours I am not working.

      Where I am as a Poker Player:

      I have only been seriously studying/grinding the game since the new year, in this time I have learned a great deal and my game has gotten to the point where I am neither winning or loosing mostly just vacillating between the two. The basics of poker have been seared into my brain and I am making mostly correct decisions now though I do spew a bit and still find it hard to fold in some bad situations. Working on my mindset has been one of the hardest things about the game but I have grown to accept the ill fortune this game seems to throw at you.

      Here is my magical underwhelming lifetime graph:

      In January I pushed my multi-tabling pretty hard, up to FT’s max of 16 which is how I got such high volume in. I’ve cut back to 10+/- 2 tabling now depending on how I’m feeling which lets me concentrate more. Most of my work in February went into increasing my Non-SD win rate from its abysmal depths, less tables helped with this a little and I met with some decent success nearly erasing passivity from my game and am much happier with it now. Most of March was taken off to concentrate on my academic studies which were somewhat ignored for the first two months of the year But am getting back into things now.

      Since not really much about a player is apparent from a graph (except how epic wins they are :f_cry: ) here are my poker tracker stats from NL5 as I feel my current style is better represented in my NL5 play than my whole sample.

      So obviously my results are not spectacular so far, in fact every dollar I’ve won, which is not many, has been a monumental struggle. This game is not as easy to make money at, even small amounts at the low stakes, as I thought it would be when I started out. I really believed I would cruising at NL25 by now when I started in January, which I am no where near to doing, I guess I was pretty naive at that moment. I don’t feel like the time I’ve invested so far has been a waste though, I’ve built a small level of skill at the game and I am ready to push even harder into that tiny regime of winning players.

      Over the next weeks as I get back into playing I will write up some posts about what I think my major leaks are and hopefully something will come out of that, even if its only me thinking about the problem more objectively.

      What my Goals Are:

      In the short term as stated above I want to become a winning player and really begin to grow my bankroll which is something I haven’t really done much of yet. Midterm I’d like to be cruising in NL25 towards the end of the summer at the latest. This will obviously take some work but a goal shouldn’t be something that is easily obtainable. In the long term my goal with poker is to be able to withdraw >$1200 a month to live off of while still appreciably growing my bankroll. Of course that’s always the dream, to go pro and live if not luxuriously than to still live off the game. I am definitely aiming to go beyond this but that is the minimum I need before I can go pro. I do not expect this to happen soon, I expect it to take years and maybe a university degree in between before it happens, if it happens. Priorities do change and I if between now and November, which is when I have to decide on whether I am returning to school for the winter semester, I see too little progress at poker I may have to put this dream on a much lower priority and settle into something more conventional.

      What I hope to contribute to the community:

      At this moment I am a pretty humdrum poker player with no particular stand out abilities to speak of but what I lack in expertise I hope to make up with enthusiasm. I may not be able to comment in a discussion with a spectacular analysis but I believe I can contribute something worthwhile. At the very least I hope not to embarrass myself.

      What I hope to get out of the community:

      Mostly the thing I hope to get out of this community is a small part of the collective knowledge of those who participate in it. There is so much talent in this community and I greatly appreciate the way you all share that hard won knowledge and skill.

      Secondly I hope to find a group of players near to my skill level to work closely with at improving our game. There are so many examples of this working really well for many players on the forums and I think it would be foolish not to look for something like this. I have never really participated in anything like that before though so I’m not really sure where to begin. I’m even still in the dark on what a sweat session actually entails. I get the gist of it but the details are murky.

      Thirdly I hope this blog becomes a really great way for me to discuss aspects of poker with the community, to highlight my game, and get some great feedback on my progress and what I need to look out for and/or start doing.

      Thanks for reading that’s all I have for this first post, I really appreciate all the knowledge you guys drop in your own blogs and I hope I can start to give back in some small way, I don’t know what I would do without this community.

      See you at the tables.
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    • Bliausmas
      Joined: 11.03.2010 Posts: 741
      Very familiar story, man :f_biggrin: Best of luck with your goals!
    • ExMagnusxL
      Joined: 03.04.2010 Posts: 59
      Hey, thanks Bliausmas all the same to you.

      Session Report:

      Played two one hour sessions today eight tabling for about one thousand hands total; it was a really good day with profit of approximately $25 :s_biggrin: which is really awesome, hope this keeps up. A more definite number can’t be had though since my desktop decided to die on me after my first session. I think the mobo is the problem since it’s not posting and the fans don’t even start with power definitely flowing into it. So that sucks :f_frown: but I set everything up on my laptop and will be transferring over my hand history from my external hard drive tomorrow, got everything but the morning session on it =) , which will take an hour or so. Any way here is the afternoon session graph:

      I’m very happy with my red line here its not usually this good as my bluffs tend to work a little bit less often than they did this session. For me the key to keeping my red line at a reasonable level was to nearly remove all passivity from my game, particularly preflop. My main mode is to bet/raise or fold, I want that initiative or I’m out, not to say I don’t mix it up in certain situations but I find that even when your goal is to hit a set or a draw that your equity is much higher in a pot in which you raised.

      Today’s sessions were both very high BB/100 which I will not be able to keep up to (i.e. lifetime graph) though it is always nice to come back from a break to a heater :] . I definitely was also not playing my A game either I would say B maybe a little towards B+; was not on top of stealing preflop, folded a bit too often, bet people out of flops when I was crushing and didn’t really need to bet, aand played one hand really badly oop:

      Hand converted with online hand converter:
      Play hand
      $0.02/$0.05 No-Limit Hold'em (7 handed)

      Known players:
      BB (Hero):

      Preflop: Hero is BB with Q, Q.
      MP1 folds, MP2 raises to $0.20, 2 folds, BU calls $0.20, SB calls $0.18, Hero raises to $1.00, MP2 folds, BU calls $0.80, SB folds.

      Flop: ($2.4) 6, 6, A (2 players)
      Hero bets $1.70, BU calls $1.70.

      Turn: ($5.8) 6 (2 players)
      Hero bets $2.30, BU calls $2.30.

      River: ($10.4) 8 (2 players)

      Final Pot: $10.4.
      Results follow:

      BU shows a full-house, sixs full of aces(Ah Qh).
      Hero shows a full-house, sixs full of queens(Qs Qc).

      BU wins with a full-house, sixs full of aces(Ah Qh).

      What is unknown calling with pre that I beat on the flop? Pretty much nothing maybe TT JJ, more likely they have a suited ace with a good kicker. Betting the flop can maybe be justified if you honestly put him on only pocket pairs because you can scare off anything but AA, however this commits >50% of your stack and puts you in a really bad spot on the turn. Which, in this case, is the worst card imaginable because there’s no way any ace will fold now. My first major mistake was to bet the flop which I did because I wanted to be ahead even though I knew it was unlikely, and my second major mistake was to send good money after bad on the turn.

      I don’t really have any more interesting losing hands this session as it went pretty well for the most part. Just some lost coin flips, a couple small oop bluffs (I really got to tighten up on those), and a few Ip bluffs that were slow played against etc. are left, so lets look at the best hand of the session, atleast in terms of dollars:

      Hand converted with online hand converter:
      Play hand
      $0.02/$0.05 No-Limit Hold'em (7 handed)

      Known players:

      CO (Hero):

      Preflop: Hero is CO with T, Q.
      MP1 folds, MP2 raises to $0.10, MP3 folds, Hero calls $0.10, BU calls $0.10, SB folds, BB calls $0.05.

      Flop: ($0.42) J, Q, Q (4 players)
      BB checks, MP2 checks, Hero checks, BU checks.

      Turn: ($0.42) T (4 players)
      BB bets $0.05, MP2 calls $0.05, Hero raises to $0.10, BU folds, BB raises to $0.30, MP2 raises to $0.70, Hero raises to $1.95, BB raises to $6.33, MP2 calls $1.22, Hero calls $2.95.

      River: ($13.52) 8 (3 players)

      Final Pot: $13.52.
      Results follow:

      Hero shows a full-house, queens full of tens(Th Qh)
      BB shows a straight, king high(Kh 9s).
      MP2 shows a full-house, tens full of queens(Ts Td).

      Hero wins with a full-house, queens full of tens(Th Qh).

      This hand is just pure awesome call the min raiser raiser, hit trips, check it down, turn second nut full house, min 2-bet, 5-bet, get some epic shoves, profit.

      So thats it for today, I should have a strategy discussion post up hopefully later in the week if not then the weekend for sure.

      A small shout out to Joeacar & Alficor I liked their thread savers so much I thought I would do my own, however these won't all be sexy, some will be but others will be funny or awesome or maybe all three. Incidentaly is there a way to uplaod gifs?

      Thread Saver:

      Uploaded with

      Who doesn't like a little Glau any time of the day? :f_love: