Phil Hellmuth Presents Read 'Em and Reap: A Career FBI Agent's Guide to Decoding Poker Tells

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    • ccookie
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      I didn't try it, let somebody else be a guinea pig. Given how lame the first Phil's book was, the chance he can write anything useful is very slim.
    • macydus2
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      Yea phils other book was lame! I got it for free though and I always say even if you spend hours reading a book, article or going to a seminar and its almost all useless if you pick up one thing or if something you already know gets drummed into then its worthwhile ;)
    • Philipvw
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      I know, I don't think that his Play poker like the pro's was very interesting, but the comments about this book (Read 'Em) on amazon were really positive. However I prefere to hear the opinion of some poker players.
    • topotamadre
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      Originally posted by Philipvw
      Someone already read this? How is it? How is it compared to Mike Caro's book?
      hey! ;)

      nobody read this book?

      philip, could you read the book??
    • figeljfigelj
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      I have read it. It`s pretty interesting all book is about body tells and how to suspect them. There is no tournament tactics or something like that. It will help you to read people when playing live. I enjoyed reading this book.
    • luitzen
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      Is Phil Helmuth still a winning player?
    • Navrark
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      I actually bought the book a couple of months ago. I had no idea that it was recently released, figuring it would have been written close to the time when his other book was.

      I figured that I would have to either buy Caro's Book Of Tells or Hellmuth's book and I wanted something more "up-to-date."

      I haven't read it yet because I don't take live play serious - yet. I did flip through it the other day and saw a picture of a guy staring at a woman's breasts. Apparently this is a technique that men may use to throw a woman "off her game." I suspect Caro's book wouldn't include such a detail because I doubt many women played Poker then, but this is just speculation as I haven't read Caro's book.

      And no... the book does not contain nudity! :D

    • chenny8888
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      Originally posted by luitzen
      Is Phil Helmuth still a winning player?
      yes, in a live tournament w/ a lot of weaker live players phil hellmuth has a big edge. but against tougher opponents he has a lot of trouble.
    • conall88
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      he has a superiority complex he needs to fix imo, thats all thats stopping him from doing better imo.
    • Depor07
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      Yeh man Ive read the book. Alot of good information, it belongs next to Mike Caro's book on your bookshelf and his video (although watch out Caro's video will help you clean up fish getting out of line, but a serious player who has practised will clean you up on occasion).
      I cant say that the book has paid for itself like Mikes has done multiple times, but only read it once, its the type of material that needs to be studied a couple of times. It is a good graduation of Mikes book, new tells like hand positions on the table, the highrachy of body part honesty, feet most honest face least.
      A good book for someone who takes live games seriously.
    • patricholier
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