Game switching :(

    • antstruk
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      Hello fellow pokerstrategists, I have been playing for many years on the internet and I have been playing many diffrent games. I have played every format of holdem and made a profit in all of them but I just cant seem to commit to one variation. At first it was tournies but when I hit a big downswing I switched to 6 max cash, then when I hit a downswing there I switched to heads up sngs, then when I hit a down swing there I switched to 9max cash, then when downswing there, I switched to Rush Poker, then when downswing their back to 9max, and know we come to my variation atm: 9max turbo sngs. I have been playing them for a while know and im getting bored of them. Does anyone else have this problem?
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    • yaxkukmian
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      Better option would be to take time out and forget about poker for few days.

      After that do some analysis and write pros and cons about particular format of poker. When you decide which format is the most suitable/ profitable/ enjoyable/... for you it will be easier for you to devote more time for that format.

      If you're playing purely for fun it's interesting to play sngs today and tomorrow cash games and day after tomorrow some hu sngs... It may be fun but it won't be for long since you probably won't be beating them high. And even if you don't care for $$$ I do think the biggest motivation is to beat the limit/ opponents/...

      Pick one and stick to it :) Devote some time for study this game and your progress will motivate you to work on your game even more.
      Also read some psychology articles.

      Good luck :s_cool: