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      hey, while there are one or two PLO articles, I would love to see one which deals with estimating equity in headsup and also multiway pots vs different player types. I think this would simplify things a great deal for a lot of people :)

      I think this is an interesting post, so i'l also be posting it in the PLO forum.


      we have :

      K :diamond: K :club: 9 :heart: T :spade:

      tight aggressive villain raises in hijack (with a PFR of 18 over 85 hands)

      how do we fare vs:

      Premium AAxx hands?
      strong AAxx hands?
      weak AAxx hands?
      is domination by better KKxx hands a concern?
      how much do we have to consider hands like rundowns? what is the best method to play the pot when the action goes : raise/3bet/call
      or raise/call?


      we know villain is tight. what types of hands can we thus remove from his range?

      is villain going to be showing up with a certain type of hand more often than others?

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