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strategy discussion: KKT9ss

    • conall88
      Joined: 02.01.2009 Posts: 1,715
      hey guys, i'm trying to improve my hand reading and also my default plays with different types of hands. anything to improve my shoddy strategy :tongue: !

      anyway I figured this fictional hand would be as good as any to begin.
      I have found it hard to interpret the information before me on the table. I know certain people are TAG,LAG,loose-passive etc, but trying to adapt to each player type isn't really clear to me at the moment. I know i'l pick things up through playing, but analysis seems like a much more painless operation.

      TL;DR take a look at below and tell me your thoughts. you don't have to answer every single bit if you don't want to.

      so what are your thoughts on below?


      we have :

      K :spade: K :heart: 9 :diamond: T :diamond:

      tight aggressive villain raises in hijack (with a PFR of 18 over 85 hands)

      how do we fare vs:

      Premium AAxx hands?
      strong AAxx hands?
      weak AAxx hands?
      is domination by better KKxx hands a concern?
      how much do we have to consider hands like rundowns? what is the best method to play the pot when the action goes : raise/3bet/call
      or raise/call?
      if we can get it in pre, should we? how loose can villain get it in and break even long term if we never fold our strong KKxx or better etc.


      we know villain is tight. what types of hands can we thus remove from his range?

      is villain going to be showing up with a certain type of hand more often than others?
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