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      With all the gamblero multi-tabling that goes on around here, I thought I'd like to propose something a bit more sedate, a bit more laid-back - an option for those players who like me are old, infirm, and liable to fall asleep during a hand: quarter-tabling. Instead of playing twenty tables at once, you don't even play one - you're dealt just one hand out of every four. Or every seven, or every twenty-three. Whatever you can handle. You don't care about rake-back; you have no intention of working like a dog to clear some minuscule bonus; you just want time to read the paper and play a hand of poker every once in a while.

      I know PokerStars and Full Tilt will be beating down my door to be the first to introduce Fractional-Tabling, but I can't be arsed applying for a patent.

      My second breakthrough concept is the antidote to Rush tournaments, whereby the entire tournament is played hand-for-hand, except on the bubble where street-for-street play begins. On the final-table bubble, of course, decision-for-decision play would commence. I call it Gridlock Poker. A tight strategy is advised, as ultra-loose play would predominate in the hope of being eliminated as early as possible.
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      Christ, someone needs to lay off the liqueur choccies! :f_p:
    • Kodark
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      Well when you play rush poker you can just sit out after a hand. So you can play a hand sit out and 3 mins later click "deal me in" and instantly another hand
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      my mom is slightly over 60. Pokerstrategist. She can play 18 tabs with eyes being closed :s_biggrin:

      I do like tho another approach 4-5 tabs, reading, surfing the web and also listening to something sweet like De La Soul..

      Actually I was one of those who invented slowplaying every single hand on stars for 2-3 hours str8 from the start of the tournament. I am proud of this invention. Put even some of the better opponents on tilt :) )