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      hey everyone, just thought id drop an update on how the tables at fulltilt poker are treating me... but first a little back ground
      a while ago( 1 month or 2) a friend of mine sent me 5.50 on full tilt poker, advising me to play a single table tournament with him. I managed to win this tournament, which gave me total winnings of 22.50, nothing major.
      However, over the next week, i had turned this 5.50 into 300 dollars, in the way you people must hate : putting all the money on a table and going ballistic. By no surprise i lost 100 of it, then tilted the remaining 200 on 1 hand...
      This gave me new motivation to try bankroll management rules here at poker strategy. So far, i have played 20 or so 2.25 sngs with the 50 dollars, and am now sitting at 51. Not good, but i am in the black. Hopefully, over the next months, i can build this roll and make some serious money playing here.

      Sorry for the run on nature of the story, i am no writer...
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