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      ... aka yet another generic introduction. But seriously, on what other forum they have a person dedicated to actually answering these?

      That, and I have nothing better to do at the moment :f_grin:

      My name is Pavel and I am 26 years old IT student in Brno, Czech R. Yep, Ive checked the CZ/SVK parts of the forum, along with CZ/SVK Gibraltar misson. Great job infiltrating the HQ Pavel! :s_evil:

      I started playing poker relatively recently. You all know that - random home game -> got hooked -> bit of poking around the intertubes -> got hooked some more -> found ps.com -> got hoooooked -> registered and acquired my free 50 bucks -> irreversible state of hooked, amen with me.

      So far I have managed to laundry around 20 dollars (won and lost) in the lowest 1¢/2¢ FR NL Holdem and 2¢/5¢ Rush over the last 3 days and finished with ~1$ of profit. Thats not bad, considering that my general strategy looked somewhat like this algorithm:

      1, win some money to play with (according the "pull your money from the table and start to play with the money of others asap" rule)
      2, download a trial of PT/HEM/Elephant/include_your_favourite_poker_tool
      3, fight with the HUD/analysis/hand_import/include_your_favourite_feature
      4, lose all the buffer money while focusing more on the software than on the game
      5, uninstall the software
      6, go to step 1,

      This being said, I like the Elephant the most. It is free, it does not miss any features that a beginner might need (maybe except the hand replayer, but its only a minor inconvenience) and it will get only better with the final release (tourney HUD). Definitely the best EV for the time being ;)

      You have most probably guessed my poker room of choice for the starting free bank roll. I mentioned Rush poker, so Full Tilt it is. Which was a great choice imho - as a beginner, I wont profit much from any form of VIP system, and the Full Tilt Academy is a great companion to the learning sources here on ps.com.

      That reminds me - time to register on my 2nd ps.com freeroll. I got sucked out on the first one with pocket aces - he got QQ, we both went all in, but turn brought one of his two outs and I was dead. Great fun though.

      Oh, and before I post this, little noobie question about the FT rakeback activation. In the faq you mention "need to deposit" before RB is activated - that means my own deposit on top of the 50 dollars deposited by ps.com, right? The wording in the FAQ is a bit ambiguous, so I guess I better ask.

      To wrap this up, and tl;dr version - thank you pokerstrategy and Im having fun with the game so far! See you at the tables!
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      Hi Pavel,

      nice to see your interesting post here. I just stop by to say "Hi and welcome, sir!". You follow me, I follow you, right? ;)

      I enjoyed reading your post, it shows that you have already made couple of steps on the winning path like investing time to study and even already downloaded and tested our SW. That´s cool. It helps a lot. I exactly recall when I was working with Elephant that I had the same habit - sorting out the installation while playing :D It pays to invest time to software already before playing.

      Good luck on the tables. From the beginning it is important to work on improving your skill (to crush the other guys), reading strategy articles and using hand judging forums is very helpful tool - there is a nice guide how to have your hand judged, I enjoyed the video myself, you may appreciate these sources as well.

      Regarding your RakeBack question. Yes, in order to get rakeback (and hence additional free money while you play), you will need to make your own deposit. I.e. free 50$ from PS.com does not count as first deposit. I´d greatly recommend to make a deposit so that you activate rakeback - rakeback is quite big part of the winrate of novice players ;)

      If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask. You can also post to my blog if you want.

      Anyways, greetings from Gib to Brno and good luck! :f_cool: