Bwin account closed after 1 day

    • diutza
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      Yesterday I opened my account here through and deposited $1000 in order to take advantage of the welcome bonus.
      Played a few hands, went to sleep, and now I see that my account is closed.

      I see no reason why this could happen !?
      Anyway I have uploaded some photos with my ID and credit card.

      I have asked them a final statement if this is temporary or the account will remain closed and for what reason.
      Also asked to refund my money if I can't play here, as I'll be switching to another platform.

      Waiting for an answer from customer support.

      Anyone else got something similar.
      If any Bwin representative here, please clarify why this problems occur.

      Worst welcome I have ever saw :(

      PS: I heard some poker platform banned some countries, I'm from Romania, do u think this could be the reason

      Please suggest other poker realiable platform (other then Pokerstars, Fulltilt, Party)
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