members in the community?

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    • EagleStar88
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      Hi graz187,

      I can definately and categorically say that there are more than 2 active members and less than 5 million :D

      Sorry, just a little joke. To be serious for a sec, it's actually a really good question, but a difficult one to answer. We have many thousands of registered English community members, hundreds of thousands probably, but how would you define active?

      A lot of members are active playing poker, but don't post a great deal in the forum. Some maybe only post in the sample hands forums, others like to unwind from a poker session by having a laugh and some banter in the community areas, small talk, general poker discussion etc.
      You'll find a lot of members visit and contribute on a daily basis, others maybe are away for a week (holiday, study, work etc) but really active when they return.

      If you like these sorts of stats, you really must check out the Confidential blog. Xantos often posts some awesome data on the number of members, total post count, most active member etc. Well worth a regular read ;)

      In terms of the starting capitals, every member is entitled to just one, although as you're aware PokerStrategy do occasionally run promotional second ones.
      The promotional starting capital's are issued randomly and cannot be specifically requested. Just ensure that you have filled in your correct email details, because as with all great promotions PokerStrategy would email you if you were lucky enough to win one.

      Hope this helps, sorry for the wall of text.

      Good luck & enjoy your poker,

    • graz187
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      Thanks Bart, I will check out the confidential blog sounds like it could be interesting. I was wondering just to see my chances of hitting a second capital. I bet its like winning a mini lottery. Thanks again