Table Nemesis!

    • Andyuk18
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      Just had a funny/annoying MTT which didn't last long.

      I open from MP with KJ of clubs and a random player who i have no history with decides to 3bet me with K4 of spades - i call (good or bad call?). I pick up a open ended straight draw on the flop, he cbets, i call. I turn the nuts but now there are 2 spades on the board, he overshoves all in and i obviously snap call. River comes the ace of spades.

      A few hands later, i shove my 10BB stack UTG with pockets 8's. The same guy reraises to isolate me and shows Q4. He hits the Q on the river, obviously.

      Does anyone ever have these random players who seem to pick a fight with you and make these retarded plays for no reason? What's annoying is he sucked out both times. :f_cry:
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