Question: Pot Odds and other variables afecting decisions in no Limit games.

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      I did read the Theory of Poker for the millionesm time and i would like to ask a question bout Pot Odds:

      In the book, he clearly uses examples of Limit Holdem to explain the Pot Odds theory. But i think it works another way in NL games... Lemme explain:


      You have two suited cards and the flop brings another two. You now have a flush draw and is heads up.
      You both guys played p-flop agressively and the pot now is at 200$.
      The guy bets 10 and you have 20-1 pot odds. (it is a fucking hipotetical example, don't ask me how did the pot get so big) and ofc the call is good.
      The guy probably has two pair or a set and if you hit your flush card you win.

      Now in NL:

      P-flop as previous.
      Pot is 200$.
      But now, the villain bets 80$ and you have somethin between 2.2-1 pot odds or something close to it.
      Now you don't have pot odds to call BUT:

      If you call the pot goes to 360$. So, if you hit your flush you're going to make a lot of money. Considering that the villain will keep playing agresively on the turn and river with his two pair or set.
      If you miss, you fold.
      But if you hit, you win a lot.

      Is correct to think that you have odds? Considering the great ammount you can win in the two last streets if you hit the flush?
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      how big is villians stack.
    • Salivanth
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      What you're talking about is known as "implied odds". Pot odds that aren't actually in the pot, but will likely end up in there if you continue to call or bet. As an example, some people actually call a raise when deep stacked in the early stages of an MTT with suited connectors, because they know against QQ+, AK, if the opponent has QQ, KK, or AA as an overpair, they're almost certainly going to be willing to stack off with it, and you can win a large stack. If you don't hit, you just fold to the continuation bet.

      Also, you actually have 4.5-1 pot odds: The pot is 360 if you call, and you're wagering 80 chips to stay in it. So even without implied odds, you should definitely call here.