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    • Gurzamkd
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      Couple of days a go, i went to a friends house and i was registered for a tournament at FTP and i wanted to log in from his lap top, he had allready told me that his account was blocked from logging in and the moment i entered my Username and Password, Fulltilt closed my account permanenetly!!!

      And its not only the closing of the account, later on i tryed to log in from my home PC, before i got a reply email that all accounts will be closed and probably my IP address is banned and now i can not play at all on Fulltilt???

      The explanation was that my account is closely related to accounts quilty of fraudelent activity, but i have done nothing to cause any fraud, i only play like any normal player.

      If any one can help me to get my account back working i will be extreamly greatfull, or some one to help me contact fulltilt support so i can explain my situation.

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    • thazar
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      Hi Gurzamkd

      All I can say is: write them an email, explain the situation clearly and hope for the best. It was silly of you you to log on from his computer knowing that his account has been closed. Full|Tilt handle a lot of money and they do have to take security measure to protect their customers. SO sometimes they rather make a mistake and lose a suspicious account rather than let a a potential risk using their servers. It is for everyone's protection.

      However if you have done nothing wrong explain them the situation and most of all be patient. Resolving such a problem can take time

      Best regards and best of luck