What's your poker progression?

    • lynius
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      Hey all. I'm pretty much a new player starting out. I've been messing around for a few months and now trying to take the game much more seriously.

      Anyways, I was wondering how you guys have progressed through different poker games, bet types and stakes throughout your entire career.

      e.g. Started at FL FR Holdem, moved to NL FR Holdem, moved to NL 6-max. Played PL Omaha then moved to stud.

      I suppose you can be more detailed about which levels you got up to, but I just thought it'd be interesting to see who moved straight from Holdem to stud and who tried FL before they tried 6-max.

      I don't have to worry about different game types for quite a long time (gonna try grinding it up through FL Holdem), but it'd be interesting to see what you guys have done.
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