PartyPoker or PokerStars? Which games do you find softer?

    • BrinkyBill
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      I recently switched from PartyPoker (played NL2) to PokerStars (still NL2), but what I found is that the games on PP are so much more passive than the ones on PS.

      Which ones do you think are softer?

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    • andreibalint
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      You shouldn't bother thinking about this at micros, but at least in SNG's party has definately weaker players then stars.
    • Mopenza
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      all I can say it took me about 80k hands to beat micros, I and think I play pretty good, but still there is so much regs, atlas was, but with good table finding maybe it possible to beat it with much less sample, anyway after that I beat NL5 with some 40k hands and then got busted in NL10 after 2 days got -10BI swing in like 4k hands there was pretty sick :) So now I moved to Ipoker network and form what i can tell its like 100% better then PS for micros because there is just so much bad players. played NL4 there for some 20k hands and I am up now 10bb/100, just there is some bad think to, that traffic is not so good as I want in morning I can only play 4-6 tables :) but after its fine can find some 10-12 easy atlas at NL4.