[NL2-NL10] Nl5 SH T9s BU

    • alexgrapid
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      $0.02/$0.05 No-Limit Hold'em (5 handed)

      Known players:
      BU (Hero):

      Preflop: Hero is BU with T, 9.
      MP3 raises to $0.15, CO folds, Hero calls $0.15, 2 folds, BB folds.

      Flop: ($0.37) Q, 8, 6 (2 players)
      MP3 bets $0.25, Hero calls $0.25.

      Turn: ($0.87) J (2 players)
      MP3 bets $0.70, Hero raises to $2.60, MP3 folds, Hero gets uncalled bet back.

      Final Pot: $1.57.

      Villain is 19/15/Af 1.7/ WTS 12 /281 , I decide to call pre in postion and try to outplay him postflop since he is not so agressive.On flop I think my call is correct ,but what about turn should I have just called and let him fire another bullet on river ??? I raised to try and build the pot ,to shove the river .
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    • johnbeattie85
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      Seems pretty standard. Turn is def raise. Your hand is really disguised and there are many cards that can kill your action or give him a better hand.
    • veriz
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      Hello alexgrapid,

      More often I would rather prefer just Calling against such a nit on turn, I don't really think that those opponents would play their flushdraws that aggressively and while we can still ship it on river if he bets and he might even be more often commit to your raise then on turn. And as well we have a FD in backup.

      While he goes to showdown only with very strong hands, which does the WTS indicate therefore not much value anyways on turn with the raise.

      Best regards.