Hello! My name is Andris, but I go as pWe with my friends

I am starting this blog first of all to improve and to keep my self on track :) oh and also so I can talk to someone who actually understands what does term big blind mean :) Also I might post some real life stuff I find interesting.

I am 21 year old from Latvia and I seriously started to play poker just now. In years before I tried poker several times and last summer I even deposited some money on Pokerstars and also got starting capital from this awesome place on FullTilt.

As it turned out my initial deposits in PS was a waste of bonus and I only cleared 10$ of what I hoped for. But i suppose that is what they were counting on :)
I didn't use my bankroll on FT till this march when I started to play some 1.20 sng's there. It went slightly worse then okey'ish and I was crying my chips and money away. It went at least okey'ish only because I actually started to use what this awesome place has to offer and I am grateful for that :)

So here comes march 23 and I stumble upon MSS, I red articles and watched the first video and was blown away how cool and novice friendly this strategy was.
I immediately wanted to try Rush poker and I even hit big! I won 15$ in around two hours. I say big because till then I just slowly loosing away my BR, this of course didn't went for long and in next two days I lost almost all my BR. I had 9$ at one point and was ready to give up..

And then it hit me again! I have all these awesome resources to my disposal and I am not using them...
I re-red mss basic articles and watched video that I liked to so much in the first place.

So this is one more reason I start this blog. I am back to my initial 50$ and I am ready to go further and this time I am bringing with me all the arsenal I left at home last time.

Goals for April:
:spade: Play at least 3 sessions a day, 6 days of the week. (90min/session)
:spade: After each session take a brake to relax and think it trough, at this point make a sketch up for this blog (post updates after I am done for the day)
:spade: Attend every BSS and SSS coaching I can.
:spade: Since I don't have access to more MSS articles or videos at the moment of writing. Read 1 BSS/SSS article and watch 1 video of the same each day.
:spade: Learn how to focus while multi tabling and minimize loss, then maximize profit :)
:spade: Start posting hands for evaluation.
:spade: Learn using and understanding all the information HEM provides.
:spade: Post a small recap at the end of each week.

Goals for April that I am not sure about :
:heart: Get iron man (I it seems I only need 40 points a day for first one? Please if someone knows correct me here)
:heart: Moving up a limit. Although it would be very cool, I am still just a novice and I am taking quality over quantity approach.

Long term goals a the moment of writing:
:diamond: Learn some quality poker skills
:diamond: Produce and awesome blog :)
:diamond: As strange as it may sound. Get friends I can discuss poker with!

I hereby brake my radio silence and commit my self to this blog!

Good luck & and see you around!