Table selection? spadeEye lite

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      Im trying to find a decent table selection tool for full tilt, ive recently found spadeEye but according to some threads its not allowed on full tilt because of datamining; so Spadeit have made spadeEye-Light, its basicly SpadeEye with no datamining(?), now i dont know much about any of this i just want a tool to find my favorite fish! Im a bit nervous on using the light version in case full tilt close my account for datamining even tho im not!
      (ive worked hard on my BR and i will not give it up without a fight!!)

      If any one has any info on if i should or shouldnt use the light version i would be very grateful! It would be cool just to have a buddy list but the "fulltiltbuddies" link doesnt work,

      Any other suggestions or should i be comfortable using the SpadeEye- light?
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