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      I know, in omaha stats doesn't say everything. But I would like to hear if you see some obvious leaks in my game?

      :diamond: Lately I started 3 betting a little lighter. Especially in position
      :diamond: My aggresion factor seems a little high, seems like a spew a little to much like I do in holdem too?
      :diamond: Im looking for spots to call more buttons, since my stats seem a little bit nitty

      My raise cbet stat is: 18%

      Nearly all these hands are played at PLO25rush. Just 1500 hands are played at PLO50 regular tables. I'll try to move up next week, but I lost a little bit of money at PLO50, so I'm looking to get some more confidence. Do you know if there is a big difference between PLO25 and PLO50? And should I move up as quick as possible due to the rake?
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      Bump I'm interested to know too!
      Plus, have you checked the guides by HEM about Leak Buster (something like finding the top 50 players from ur db, filtering, etc.)?
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      In all honesty, so long as you're winning, that's all that matters.

      Your stats look fine to me (they should be different for each person you face, so don't try and homogenise them. Play the opponent according to their stats, not yours. :)

      Aggression factor is fine, it goes up the looser/more aggressive your opponents are. Start playing in nitty games and you will see it drop.