elepahnt is a burden

    • graefe78
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      elephant dows't work! never actually helped, if ever it actually loaded, it was a few rounds to late.

      it is quite annoying...

      so far it has proven to be a burden...


      5 hands after it was all over it decided to load the preflop stats pf some of my hands...

      oh, and the hud... would b nice if it actualy worked...

      also, a great thig is that is had not displayed me player notes of a guy until after i folded... oh nonono.. and there'd been much.

      why does elephant depent on so much crap?? no way the linux community could ever actually work with a program like that..
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    • evertonroar
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      sure its not your computer? hem etc are cpu intensive. if your computer is slow, old or cluttered with other crap then it will slow elephant dramatically
    • inlovewithamsterdam
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      I found that Elephant was bad in many aspects too (when I was using it back in the days). It is really slow to display stats, it crashes quite often and it takes him a lot of time to load anything. I used it on a 2GB memory laptop - so I wouldn't think that my computer's memory was an issue. I'm sure there were few other problems but I can't recall them now.