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PartyPoker or Full Tilt for SNG

      Joined: 06.08.2010 Posts: 301
      Hey guys, I have been playing at Partypoker since I got my 50$ a few months ago. I play the 3$ SnGS there (2.4 + 0.6) The rake is pretty high (25%) compared to FullTilt but the players are all pretty soft. I am thinking on withdrwing and starting to play at Full Tilt. I would probably play the 2$ SnGs considering that the rake is only 12.5% and try and work my way up quickly to the 5$ once im at approx 200$ BR in order to benefit the 10% rake and I dont think the players are much better then the 2$ SnGs( Could I get a confirmation of this please ).

      On the other hand, what I like about PartyPoker is that the SnGs are 10man and I really dont think that 10th person makes a difference because there are always 2-3 ppl that get eliminated in the first few rounds cause they are just terrible. Hence, the prize pool is bigger because there is one more person (3$ Party poker vs 2.25$ Full Tilt ).

      So basically could someone give me some insight on wether I should try Full tilt, considering that the SNGs are 9man instead of 10man but the rake is smaller? If someone has tried both could you please let me know if the players are better at Full Tilt or party please!!

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    • jasonforan
      Joined: 04.06.2010 Posts: 357
      Me personnally and im sure most people agree is that competition in micro sit n gos arent much different on the poker sites.Partys terrible for sit n gos imo.I was playing on party poker aswell but changed to pokerstars because of the high rake and also the blind structure.Pokerstars and full tilt also have longer play compared to party.
    • Navrark
      Joined: 27.01.2010 Posts: 339
      I did a foolish thing. I decided to do a Bonus Whore through Pokersource at Party. Now I will never be able to play there through Pokerstrategy.

      Party Poker is extremely soft. All of the recreational Canadian players are there and they are bad, lol.

      I would recommend you stay at Party. I read a great article yesterday ($16 per hour SNG Blueprint part 4) on how the number of Regs in a game cuts into your ROI, and it cuts deep! Playing at Full Tilt I am sitting with 3-6 Regs in a 9max game. They are Regulars and they multitable, but they may not all be winning players. But since they play tight it still makes your life harder. Life is easy when you have Donks going All-In with stupid hands. Maybe not in the short term but definitely long term.

      Party just threw me 100 free points and $5 for just logging in the last two times I visited as well.

      I don't know how many times I have been at a table with 5-7 other players and we all have less than 7 Big Blinds to go. Basically it comes down to luck in those situations to not be the one to Push and run into a good hand. That rarely happens at Party despite the speed the Blinds increase. Full Tilt increases slowly in comparison.

      Good luck whatever choice you make!
    • Sevy15
      Joined: 26.03.2009 Posts: 4
      IMO the rake at $3 sng's will hurt too much party rake levels off at the10's. do a few calcs for say 500 sng's and work out what the difference in rake works out.