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[NL2-NL10] K,K Nl25

    • stantos
      Joined: 15.10.2007 Posts: 173
      Starting game 2626938592.

      Dr_Power is at seat 0 with $20.35.
      witvis is at seat 1 with $25.80.
      B_O_T1981 is at seat 2 with $13.35.
      162juju is at seat 3 with $29.80.
      frmrgb is at seat 5 with $23.25.
      zxublub is at seat 6 with $9.95.
      Socrate34 is at seat 7 with $6.85.
      merlin324 is at seat 8 with $28.45.

      The dealer is seat 3.

      frmrgb posts a blind of $.15.
      zxublub posts a blind of $.25.

      (B_O_T1981 is dealt Ks Kh.)

      Socrate34 calls for $.25.
      merlin324 calls for $.25.
      Dr_Power folds.
      witvis calls for $.25.
      B_O_T1981 raises $1.75.
      162juju folds.
      frmrgb calls for $1.85.
      zxublub folds.
      Socrate34 calls for $1.75.
      merlin324 calls for $1.75.
      witvis folds.

      The flop comes
      8h Qd Jd.

      frmrgb checks.
      Socrate34 checks.
      merlin324 checks.
      B_O_T1981 goes all-in for $11.35.
      frmrgb calls for $11.35.
      Socrate34 folds.
      merlin324 folds.


      frmrgb shows: Qh Qc
      Qd Qh Qc Jd 8h
      Three Queens

      B_O_T1981 shows: Ks Kh
      Ks Kh Qd Jd 8h
      A pair of Kings

      The turn comes Ah.
      The river comes 10d.

      B_O_T1981 shows: Ks Kh
      Ah Ks Qd Jd 10d
      Straight, Ace high

      frmrgb shows: Qh Qc
      Qd Qh Qc Ah Jd
      Three Queens

      B_O_T1981 wins pot ($29.65).

      Had just more than doubled up waiting for the blinds to come around with the intention of playing only aa kk qq

      Yes I got lucky but after the cards have been going recently I'll take it.
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    • xylere
      Joined: 27.05.2007 Posts: 2,939
      And the question is?)) you played it ok... If you don`t feel comfortable with playing all the streets - push is ok (though quite weak) Better just push it pre-flop
    • stantos
      Joined: 15.10.2007 Posts: 173
      Just thought it was an interesting hand, especially how i got so lucky for a change. I agree maybe push pre flop, don't think it would mattered given he had QQ, oh the joy of being luck for once :D