Why did I get a ticket

    • Blade90
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      Ok, two quick questions

      1. I got a ticket for a WSOP main event freeroll (finals) which awards 3 packages and is the 3rd step of that freeroll race.... Why did I get the ticket? I didn't play in any of the freerolls (will take the shot obv :D )
      2. I just bought two tournament tickets for ironman medals but i didn't get them yet. How long does it take for them to appear in the cashier?

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    • thazar
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      Hi Blade

      1) FT offers tickets as part of different promotions so I cannot tell you why you got it but you should be able to inquire to FT support.

      2) Tickets ordered with ironman medals can take upto 4 hours from experience but are generally there about an hour or 2 after ordering