royal flush on mansion

    • whitefang43
      Joined: 15.12.2007 Posts: 184
      didn't bet on the river didn't wanna risk a fold :D

      Poker Room skin
      No Limit Holdem Ring game
      Blinds: $0.15/$0.25
      10 players

      Pre-flop: (10 players) hero is MP2 with Q A
      4 folds, hero raises to $1, MP3 folds, CO calls, 2 folds, BB calls.

      Flop: 2 J T ($3.15, 3 players)
      BB checks, hero bets $0.5, CO calls, BB folds.

      Turn: 6 ($4.15, 2 players)
      hero checks, CO checks.

      River: K ($4.15, 2 players)
      hero checks, CO checks.

      Final pot: $4.15
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    • Puschkin81
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      Congratulations whitefang43!

      But I think you should have bet more on the flop (~$2), bet on the turn and even bet on the river. Even if you play the SSS, you should bet on the flop and turn.

      Good luck at the tables!
    • mikeymoo
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      Is there a promo at Mansion for a Royal or something? "Not risking a fold" doesn't make much sense to me.
    • undercover82
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      He wanted to get it to showdown for bragging rights. It is understandable i guess since its your first RF and the stakes very small.

      But next time valuebet it , if you want to show it anyway , untick the auto-muck button and show your cards if your opponent folds :D
    • helemaalnicks
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      I always feel like my opponents don't deserve to see my monsters, and if they really want to see, they can pay the price ive set for it :D
    • whitefang43
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      well i was pretty sure he would fold if i put a bet in, and for the first RF was the first on mansion yeah, but i've had many the last 3 years :D

      and i don't think any of the ongame sites have promoes for RF, i just thought it was fun to hit one, many other hands i can win money on :D