21 Years Old and Starting the Grind

    • NathanDavidLee
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      So I introduced myself in the other part of the forum...I'm 21 this wednesday and have decided to make this my job (im a student too) as getting a job in the recession is near impossible with the hours i have to put in at uni.

      I'm therefore treating poker like a job from now on. Putting in the hours, staying disciplined and setting achieveable targets to spur myself on.

      I'm playing at Cake poker (not a lot of action but I don't mind the site.)

      I had around 5 hours today with my $50 and I've turned that into $53.40. Not the biggest profit and I think I was also lucky to come away with that as I didn't religiously stick to the rules I set myself, but never the less it is a profit!

      By the end of April. I want to have atleast $100 in my cake poker account.

      Conclusion: 1st day in profit by £3.40
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    • Targetme
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      sounds like me last year couldnt get a job anywhere so i said f it ima be a degenerate gl
    • redskwerl
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      quite possibly the first chapter in a huge success story. good luck! :s_grin:
    • NathanDavidLee
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      Okay so Day 2 of my poker career was a very interesting one...full of ups and downs. I've finished day 2 on $53.84, so in total a $3.84 profit in two days. But hey...a profit is a profit.

      I have mixed feelings though...at one point I was at $62 (a $5 bonus came into play) but then a mixture of very loose play (playing 55/66/AQ) and also horrible beats AK vs A4 ran AK744 for a large amount...and that took me to about $48.

      I took a break and came back with a level head, I'm still in profit overall but I know i have a long way to go to perfecting the SSS.

      Tommorows goals are to be more disciplined. Know when to take a break. Know when to leave a table or swtich to big stack strat. And to break the $60 mark.