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    • adamxavier1
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      Hey Guys

      I have recently (well about a week ago). Made the switch from FR to SH. I have been a big believer and user of player stats to identify my villians. When playing FR I had analyzed the pre and post flop stats of villians and have color coded them (via pokerstars). This was a great tool as I mass multi table, which I found the colour coding to be a quicker means at least pre flop to make some decisions.

      My set up was - VPIP - 0-5 , PFR - 0-5 (tight passive) Blue
      - VPIP - 5-10, PFR-5-10(Tight, nittish) Green]
      -VPIP- 10-19 PFR- 10-19 (TAG, similar to my stats)-Yellow
      -VPIP- 20-25 PFR-0-5 (Looge passive)-Purple
      -VPIP-25-30+ PFR-20-30+(Donkish)-Pink

      Of course there are other variants and other stats I take in to account. Obviously I have changed colour coding after sessions, and after larger sample sizes on villians.

      I want to start a new color coding for 6-MAX, however I am having some difficulty devising different player types, as the dynamics are different and also the play more aggressive.

      Can anyone share some advise, on how I should be using villian stats to correspond to different player types (ie, TAG, LAG, Donk etc)?
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    • Hajler
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      I don't play SH but google showed up with this thread which seems to have some good guidelines.

      Just incase you decide to return to playing FR, I would like to point out that your groupings are not very realistic. Even the nittiest nut peddlers aren't playing with less than 5 VPIP, and your 10-20 group has lumped together the main types of regulars you will encounter - nits, TAGs, and sLAGs.

      Hope it helps.
    • adamxavier1
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      thanks for the response. I have actually found a decent number of villians playing 4/3 etc. seemed odd to see this but believe it or not i have seen it. Not sure what you mean by 10-20 as i have seperate groupings for each. what i have found that most playing 20/20+ tender to be LAG is. While those at say 15/13 are more of a TAG. Again the post was very vanilia and there is more to it than that. My main point was getting a feel for this for SH
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      Personally I dont have color codings for lags tags etc.
      My color coding represents what I think of the player.
      :diamond: Red - Good Reg (I dont want to have him to my left ) - No edge
      :diamond: Yellow - Medicore Reg (I dont mind having up to 3 of those at my table if there is a big fish)- Small or almost no edge
      :diamond:P urple -Bad Reg - I def have a Edge and can exploite him in various spots.
      :diamond: Blue Fish - Huge Edge

      I think this is actually more useful than a color coding for very specific player types, as the stats tell u anyway how someone plays. TAG or LAG coding doesnt help u at all as u can see this by simply looking at VPIP PFR and 3bet.

      But the coding I use will even help u tabelselecting ;)
    • adamxavier1
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      Thanks. I like using the colour coding more as a way for quick reference as I mass multi table. It gives me a quick idea for things such as stealing (against rocks) or 3 betting/Cold calling (mainiacs). It is by no means my definitive method for playing or even table selecting, just more of a quick reference. I will make other notes, such as who open limps and what not. I just find that for me to make a quick glance at a color is sometimes easier than to glance at stats. If I see a villian with 5/5 (blue) I can pound on his blinds.