We are now in the 21 first century and i dont believe this will be such a big deal.Why location is a BIG matter anyway? Today i am in here, next day i can be anywhere.So i have to report to them everytime i travelled?
What are they?Police?Interpol?That is ridiculous.I was making deposit not withdrawal.Bet365 is killing me.I am leaving bet365 forever after my case is settled.Any suggestion to customer-friendly poker?That we dont have to confirm address by lousy PVC?etc etc.Here was my conversation with the helpless Abbi.

bet365You are now chatting with an advisor.

Abbi F has joined this chat.You are now chatting with Abbi F.
Abbi F Hello, welcome to bet365 Live Chat. How may I help you?
Muhamad Ariff
<<#309546-1814584#>> refer
Muhamad Ariff I would like to ask the status of this message
Abbi F Can I take your username and four digit security number please?Muhamad Ariff
Abbi F One moment please.
Abbi F Please confirm what your query is regarding?
Muhamad Ariff Money trace
Abbi F Do you mind continuing to hold while I look into this for you?Muhamad Ariff okay
Abbi F Thank you for waiting. I'll be with you as soon as possible.
Muhamad Ariff ok
Abbi F It appears that as your current location is Egypt, there is an issue in regards to processing withdrawals via fast bank transfer to the location. Our payments department are currently investigating this issue and attempting to establish whether the funds can be released via this method.
Muhamad Ariff I am not requesting withdrawal
Abbi F As soon as we can offer further information in regards to this issue, we will be in contact.
Muhamad Ariff I am making a deposit
Abbi F I am sorry, in regards to your deposit trace.
Muhamad Ariff The deposit also cannot be made from here?
Abbi F As we are unable to process fast bank deposits from Egypt, this has had to be investigated in further detail.
Abbi F Please provide a valid contact number in order for us to notify you once this has been reviewed?
Muhamad Ariff The deposit was made from Malaysia
Muhamad Ariff I have made 2 deposits like this before and was no problem at all
Muhamad Ariff
Abbi F Thank you, your details have been updated.
Abbi F As soon as this has been investigated an advisor will contact you.
Abbi F Is there anything else I can help you with today?
Muhamad Ariff yes
Muhamad Ariff may i ask why i cannot make deposit from where iam now?Muhamad Ariff Even making a deposit is difficult?
Abbi F The fast bank transfer facility is not available to customers from Egypt as this cannot be processed correctly.
Muhamad Ariff I made the deposit from Malaysia
Muhamad Ariff The same bank i used for previous 2 deposit
Muhamad Ariff I cant see there is a problem
Muhamad Ariff It was a Malaysian Bank
Muhamad Ariff It can be accessed anywhere
Abbi F As our records show that your current location is Egypt we need to investigate the reason for which this deposit has not been processed. We have no further information at this time, but will contact you as soon as we have this information.
Muhamad Ariff So location is the issue now?
Muhamad Ariff Why i was not contacted to be informed about this problem?Abbi F The issue is currently being investigated, we are not yet aware of why your deposit has not been processed accordingly. As advised we will be in contact as soon as we know more about this issue.
Muhamad Ariff Okay
Muhamad Ariff Thank You