Hey everybody,

I know it has been a seriously long time since I posted the first thread on my board, but I am finally back with something to say. Soon after posting that thread I started running cold on FullTilt and cashed out before I tilted away my hard earned winnings. I quit online poker for a few month and started playing some sit-n-go`s and heads-up with friends in person (which was a lot of fun...but quite a a little more costly than the micro stakes online). I found a site similar to this one (won`t name it here since I don`t want to get banned) in the FullTilt private freeroll tab and managed to get a 5000 VIP point bankroll for Players Only (Play Aces) which turned out to be a fantastic new site for me.

The VIP points on their site can be used for tournament entries (100 VIP points = 1 dollar of entry for the most part) and so in the beginning I was taking shots at the bigger money tournaments (eg., 2,000 guaranteed) but with re-buys and add-ons that weren`t available to me because all I had were points, I soon realized that it would take a lot of luck and a lot more points than I had to win it big. I found the bounty tournaments (same as knock-outs) and between those and the only sit-n-go`s that are available with points (the VIP point sit-n-go...which is a triple up point tournament) I managed to get the bank roll to just over 50 real dollars before the points ran out.

Once again, greed, cockiness, and adrenaline reared their ugly heads (it`s hard to keep interested at the micro levels sometimes) and I started playing at limits that were way too high. I doubled up to 100, won a little more, and then started to crash. I was smart enough to cash out 50 which I have since re-invested at the same site because I really do like what they offer.

At the 2-3 dollar sit-n-go levels they have: regular, super turbo, bounty, and double up. These four tourney types are pretty standard as you go up in limits, and I hope that by cycling through them I can keep myself interested.

Here is where the problem starts again...they also have 6 and 10 person table arrangements for most of these, and what it really boils down to is each tournament should be played in a unique way. The push-fold stage is completely different in double ups when compared to a regular and different again when compared to a bounty (eg., 2 dollar bounty has 1 dollar to bounty pot and 1 dollar to tourney pot).

So I guess what I am looking for with this post is for someone else who is playing at the micro stakes, or who has moved through to medium or high stakes to give me some advice on what they played, or how they played at these different ring sizes and with different prize arrangements.

I just had a really upsetting hand on a 2 dollar double or nothing.
4 players remaining (3 get paid)
I had KQ suited and was in SB
Button pushed (which almost had me covered)

In the end I decided to fold (I would have made the nut straight over his AA). Three hands later I raised from early position and was forced all-in with KJ agains KQ. The jack didn`t show, so I lost on the bubble. If anybody has any advice or similar circumstances please let me know (or even link me to a forum that you feel might be beneficial for me to read).

Thanks everybody,

pg :s_cool: