Pushing in RUSH MTT's

    • andreibalint
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      Hey guys, i want to ask you what's your strategy for pushing in MTT's and what do you think about mine (4$ and 10$ rush).

      I push like in a SNG until the antes kick in.

      If there are antes i consider the blinds to be 50%+ higher then they actually are and push like in a SNG. For example, if they are 200/400 with antes (adding to almost 400) i consider the "real blinds" are 300/600 or a little more.

      If someone goes all in, i exclude thinking about the antes when calling, so that i can call tighter, knowing that fish generally push tight. For example, if someone is pushing from the SB blinds 200/400 + antes and i have 4000 effective stack i would call as if i have 10BB, not 6BB. But if i'm pushing with my 4000 stack from SB i would push as if i have 6BB.

      When thinking about bubble factors i generally consider that they are:
      - 1.2 at the beginning of the tournament;
      - 1.5 at the middle - around the time antes kick in;
      - 1.8 close or on the bubble;
      - 1.5 after the bubble;

      This strategy has rarely left me with less then a 10BB "fake blinds" in a rush mtt, but i have no clue how optimal is it since if i push with almost 20 "fake blinds" i have doubts about getting called by a worse hand.
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    • amplifyd
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      A lot of it depends on what your steal is for. Like say you got 88 and 15 true bb its better to push at lower limits since u likley dont get restealed by worse - ofc depends which pos etc. Generally if you got hand that has dec eq v calling range I prefer to shove if like early-mid pos (not too early). But like monster ofc minraise to induce

      So much of this is situational - post some examples of spots u have trouble in.