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    • alexgrapid
      Joined: 20.12.2008 Posts: 242
      I hope someone can help me find my leaks . Thank you

      My stats are : HANDS: 15568 Winnings: -35.57$ $(EV adjusted) -6.3$ BB/100 -4.57 VPIP 20.4 PFR 16.4 PFR/VPIP ratio 80.4 3BET% 4.7 vs 3BET call 25.9 4 bet range 1.3 Sqz% 3.8 WTSD% 25.7 W$SD% 52.4 W$WSF 42.8 Agg 3.03 Agg% 33.1 Flop Agg 40.8 Turn Agg 27.5 River Agg 20.7 Flop Cbet 75.3 Flop Cbet succes 48.3 Turn Cbet 39.5 Flop fold vs Cbet 52.3 Flop vs Raise Fold 41 Steal Pct 32.3 Early UO PFR 32.3 Middle UO PFR 18.6 Cutoff UO PFR 27.1 Button UO PFR 37.6 SB UO PFR 35.5 Preflop positional awarness 2.45 River call efficiency 2.29 Sb Reraise Steal 8.3 BB Reraise Steal 7 SB fold to steal 85.9 BB fold vs Steal 82.6
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    • tokyoaces
      Joined: 01.04.2009 Posts: 1,883
      You are playing too tight for SH and are not positionally aware. I'm guessing you are losing a lot of big pots from UTG and SB.

      Your turn aggression is low so I'm guessing a few things are happening: OOP play, starting with weak hands, and not cbetting enough.

      You do need to open up your stealing range, but do it from the CO and BU.

      What are your full ring stats like?