William Hill: Up to 50% Rewards and Great Cash Offers From 14/04 - 18/05

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      From April 14th - May 18th there are 5 weekly rake chases with rewards up to 50% on top of the VIP system and cash back from $25 to $100.

      Each rake chase lasts for 1 week. You can see all the dates and goals below: ($1 Rake=5 SP)

      Note: Dates work on GMT times and are from 00:00 to 23:59 in each case.

      Instant cash prizes:
      All money is awarded directly into your poker account after each race. There are no conditions applied to this cash and it can be cashed out immediately.

      Online support:
      If you are unsure about the amount of rake you have made, just ask William Hill in the "Online Support" tab of the software's main lobby and they'll get back to you shortly.

      Cash back:
      • Existing William Hill players get up to 50% cash rewards for paid rake on top of the VIP system.
      • New William Hill players get up to 80% back with the first deposit bonus.
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