Question about Moving Up

    • Helipacter
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      A question about what to do when you move up.

      Currently, I play $0.05/$0.10, but every few sessions I try 30mins at $0.10/$0.20 just to see the difference. I'm running at 15BB/100 after 3k hands at 5/10, and my BR can handle a move up in limits (just about), but I don't want to make the jump without becoming acclimatised to the new limit.

      Unfortunately for me, I'm finding that the difference is quite substantial. So what tips should I follow for trying the next level up? Should I tighten up my starting hand range?

      I'm going to post a few hands in the Hand eval forum, but I think I've found a few leaks already.

      Anyway, thanks in advance.
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    • Dawnfall26
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      If you only have 3k hands on 5c/Tc then I would stay there a bit longer. 15BB/100 is totally unrealistic for the bigger picture.

      But if u played enough hands and feel confident then you should definatelly move up as soon as possible.I cannot really imagine big diference between these 2 stakes only that there are prolly less complete retards on the upper one.

      And you should NEVER tighten up just for the fact its a higher limit.Doing this means you are scarred ,therefore not ready to go up. If anything, moving up means that you have to become a bit looser since tighter style is becoming less and less profitable.Sure this is not meant for microstakes...ABC play works totally fine.
    • terpesheva
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      As long as your roll can afford to take a hit you're fine. From my experience, you are quite likely to enter the new limit with a loss because:
      a) You don't have reads/stats on the players.
      b) Games are different.

      e.g. on 0.1/0.2 You can easily sit at a table with 8 players out of 10 being complete donkeys; on .25/.5 you are quite lucky to be sharing a table with at most two TAGs.
      On .5/1 at least half of the table knows how to play good poker=)

      a) I would tighten my range (meaning I would try not to play too many marginal hands; I don't mean that you should be scared here =) ) ) for a few k hands just to get stats and spot the regular TAGs and the fish.
      b) Work on your leaks. More good players will be able to exploit them!

      I can also recommend better table selection. Mark the fish and try to choose the tables they are sitting at with good position on them.

      Good luck playing 0.1/0.2!!!
    • Helipacter
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      I think I'll take DF's advice and kick it a little longer in the slums, as I think I've got a few horrible problems with my basics that I'd prefer to work on at 5/10 rather than 10/20 (see hand eval forums for details).

      Also, I know 15BB/100 is unsustainable, but it's nice to have after 3K worth of hands :D

      As always, thanks for your help fellas!