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SnG turbos , need advice...

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    • Navrark
      Joined: 27.01.2010 Posts: 339
      Hey there,

      That looks just like my graph did playing the 9man SNGs at Tilt, $6+$0.50 buy-in.

      Because the red-line is below zero it either means you are running into big hands constantly or you have some leaks.

      Funny scenario I had yesterday, was about 6 times in a row I pushed and got called. Every time my opponent would hit 2pair or a full house on the flop...

      Anyway, tighten up the hand selection if you are raising with suited/unsuited connectors. Be prepared often to check and take the free card heads up if you miss the flop and the Blind checks to you; you don't need to CBet everytime.

      Raise with good hands in the Blinds. I know that the PS SHC for NL BSS says to check in the blinds with hands like AQ with limpers, but doing so you will rarely hit the flop and you have to Fold. I would raise and in the process you will take all of that dead money and get a few donks to Call with garbage hands. Just be wary of someone slow-playing a good hand. If you don't make some money while in the Blinds you are going to have a major leak, and I think that has been a huge problem for me.

      Lastly, try to avoid Regs. I know at Tilt and PS that is hard though, but I read a great article yesterday on how having even 3 regs at the table will beat your win-rate to shreds. Sadly, Tilt and Stars often have half the table full of Regs.

      You are gold status also, perhaps you are playing too many tables at once?
    • intothejungle
      Joined: 17.01.2011 Posts: 15
      I'm having a hard time beating those as well. They are indeed full of regs, especially between 6-10CET. I don't see any graph, so I assume you cut it out in the edited version, but graphs don't give you any answers. Gold status gives access to all the strategy sections on SnGs here and it should be enough to beat $3.40's.

      Move this thread to the SnG strategy discussion and Phzon and lessthanthree will answer, I'm pretty sure :) And there are a few quite informative threads there already...
    • dydukas
      Joined: 01.05.2009 Posts: 1,275
      I play turbo $3.30 on Ongame, they are a bit faster but anyway you can easily lose 10 in a row, that's standard. Then you can win 3 in row and in the end you'll end up in profit... That's only variance.